The importance of stage lighting design

Stage lighting is an important parts of performance place, According to the development of the plot, the characters and the specific scene required a full range of visual environment lighting design.and the purpose of the design intention in a visual way to reproduce the artistic creation of the audience.comprehensive and systematic consideration should be given to the spatial modeling of characters and plots, strictly following the rules of molding, using good modeling methods, and stage lighting design having very mysterious knowledge .

The role of stage lighting in modern stage performance includes the following aspects:

  1. Lighting performances, so that the audience can see the actors,performances and image of the scene clear.
  2. Guiding the viewer’s line of sight.
  3. Shaping characters, foiling emotion and show stage illusion.
  4. Create the space environment needed for the perform.
  5. play up perform atmosphere.
  6. Display time and space conversion,highlight the drama conflict and strengthen the rhythm of the stage,rich artistic appeal.

In modern perform ,the brightness of lighting, color ,distribution of lighting areas,lighting movement etc all have great plasticity and controllability.the artistic effects of the stage lighting are shown along with the development of the performance and the changing of the stage atmosphere.the stage lighting is the combination of space art and time art, and the historical development of stage lighting is closely related to the evolution of drama and the progress of science and technology

The control system of stage lighting must be able to effectively control and deployment of all lamps and harmonious artistic effect. The utility model is composed of three parts of a power supply, a power distribution board, a dimmer and a general control board.

At present a lot of stage lighting design according to the overall plan of the script, director and stage art of art design, lighting design and drawing, the specific arrangements for the technology of work. Lighting design should be able to use a variety of modeling measures to adapt to different styles of performance, such as some performance requirements show a realistic style, while others require the creation of abstract, freehand or metaphorical mood.

With the progress of science many performing arts hall stage lighting design is very charming . it is still need for reasonable selection of lighting equipment in the stage lighting design, which is the focus of successful design.

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