The knowleage of stage lighting degisn

The knowledge of stage lighting degisn

It is so amazing of actor’s show when you saw them on stage, Actually, it also has a part of the credit for stage lights design behind their are successfully performance.There are many of organ, school, community, company was built their own hall, auditorium,multi-function hall etc entertainment place now, need to equip some of the corresponding professional lighting equipment, but due to lack of understanding of stage lights, they do not know how to choose the right pro lighting.Many of the pro lighting dealers are also not professional on stage lighting equipment, They could not provide the right guidance, and lead to waste of money.So as to prevent unnecessary wasteI will give you some simple understanding based on my basic knowledge of stage lighting.The demands of stage lighting design are must be satisfied for requirements of large dance parties, art shows, plays, concerts and large conferences.It is necessary to follow some simple mandate.

Common light position of stage lighting

You need to understand the common light position of stage lighting if you want to do better on stage lights configuration. This is an important link to use right stage lights configuration.

  1. Face light: the light which from the top of the audience to the front of the stage, mainly use for lighting artist and whole stage fundamental light.
  2. Front side light: at both outsides of forestage, the light oblique cast to the stage, Divided into upper and lower layers, main support face light, increase face lighting, and the flat feeling of character and scene.
  3. Tower light: the light from both insides of forestage, mainly use for the side face of character and scene, increase flat feeling and contour feeling.
  4. Barrel light: the light from the top of the stage to the stage. From the front to back followed by first electric, second electric, third electric etc. The main use for lighting stage, increase stage brightness, besides the Fixed-point mapping of many scene and props.
  5. Backlight, the light from the back of stage (such as barrel, bridge etc), can contour character and scene, increase flat sense and transparent sense, also could be designated light source.
  6. Bridge light: the light from both sides of stage bridge to the stage, mainly use for support tower light, increase flat sense, also use for lighting some position which another light is inconvenient.
  7. Foot light: The light from the front of forestage to the stage, mainly used to support the face light, to eliminate the shadows of the faces and jaws of the characters due to the high position face light.
  8. Sky drop and Ground row: from the upper and lower of the cyclorama, main use for lighting and color changes.
  9. Flexible light: on the flexible truss of both sides of the stage, mainly use for support bridge light, add both sides of the stage light and other specific light.
  10. Follow spot: from the auditorium or other location where need, mainly use for follow artist or give prominence to a particular ray, But also for the person in charge, is the stage art close-up of the pen, play a finishing touch on the role of the stage.

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