Skills In The Use Of Lamp Moving Head Light

First: In the stage lighting control of the auditorium, if the light controllers suddenly light up the light in the cold state of the lamp, it is likely to cause the light bulb to smash; or cause the tungsten filament of the bulb to blow.

Faced with this problem, the control technique which our stage lighting engineer  should master is to push the fader of the console only a little when the light bulb is in a cold state (before the opening) (often said calendering state) Make the bulb lightly bright, let it be in the preheating state, make it evenly heated, and evaporate the water molecules condensed on the glass bulb of the bulb. After preheating for a few minutes, push it up again, and then preheat it for a few minutes. The light can be fully illuminated.

Second: the lighting engineer should remember not to push the dimmer fader in full, then turn on the dimmer rack power supply.

If the controllers operate illegally, the result is still same as the fault in the first problem above.

Third: the stage lighting engineer should remember not to reverse the DMX console and the dimmer rack power supply when switching the equipment.

It is normal to damage the device in an incorrect sequence of operations. It should be very clear that friends who know how to control stage light.

Fourth: When operating to control the light fixture, do not shake the fixture when turn on the lamp .

This problem is rare, do not need talk too much .

Fifth: Do not touch the lamp directly when replacing the lamp, this will influence the smoothness of the bulb, and another hidden hazard will cause bursting of the bulb. In this step, you need to wear gloves before touching the lamp , If you do not have gloves,could use the plastic paper or facial tissue before installing . Must to remove these wraps after installation to avoid a fire when turned on the light lamp .

Sixth: Do not forget to install a protective net cover when install the color changer , The protective net cover is to prevent splashing and burning objects when the light lamp explodes.

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